Sorry Everyone!

Hello Viewers!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately it’s just that a lot of depressing stuff has happened over the months but I’m trying to keep up to date with everything!

I have found 2 owners to run this website with me!They are:

PeanutxX and Ilovecpalot

You guys can now help me out!


Hello people!

Hiya guys!! Welcome to kitty kats club i got this idea off mimi and moppydoo as they own a website like this except its about ducks GO VISIT!!!  It’s ! Kitty kats is a fun group where people who LOVVEEE cats can join! I also might be making one about puppies!!Have fun and please enjoy my website! I will also choose one owner to run this blog with me(Owner must have a cp account!) Here’s what you have to do to become a owner:

  • Comment alot
  • get involved
  • Attend to almost every meeting we have on cp
  • Be honest
  • Be nice

So if you want to be an owner that’s all you have to do but don’t worry if you don’t get picked because you will be an AWESOME Kitty Kat member!